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SIG/HPC Meeting 2024-03-21


  • Neil Hanlon
  • Sherif Nagy
  • Brian Phan
  • Forrest Burt

Follow Ups

  • Intel GPU driver imported and built in SIG/Kernel 'kernel-drivers' repo.
  • Warewulf 4.5 released upstream
  • Sherif looking into bringing update to SIG
    • Running into issue on Rocky 9
  • Testing - CIQ will be upstreaming a test suite
  • Nvidia driver GPU benchmarking - re-action reviewing the work
  • Did not get time to review Chris's work - will try to review this cycle
  • Lustre server
  • re-actioning; Sherif has not looked into it yet
  • Wiki Content - still need to populate this. Can people from the SIG help?
  • Packages - have some 'easy' ones

Open Floor

  • n/a

Action Items

  • [ ] Neil to bring in dkms to kernel-drivers to SIG/Kernel
  • [ ] See if Alan would be willing to work on this
  • [ ] Neil to look into resourcing some people to work on this
  • [ ] Neil to make tickets for all packages we are looking to bring in, rank priority and ease