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SIG/HPC Meeting 2024-02-08


  • Sherif Nagy
  • Neil Hanlon
  • Chris Simmons

(Neil forgot to take attendence)

Follow Ups

  • Slurm 23.11.5 in production
  • Adjust conflicts and provides for older packages
  • Meeting with intel on Monday re: GPU drivers; need insight on testin
  • Monday @4PM Eastern (?) - chris will invite NEil
  • Secureboot support?
  • Driver is fully open source
  • no update from chris on PMIX
  • no movement on Lustre filesystem yet
  • Neil to put in tickets actually for [[Meeting/2024-01-25/Rocky/SIG/HPC|Last Meeting]]
  • Brian Phan and Forrest Burt gave talks on Warewulf/Apptainer
  • Sherif and Brian met up at FOSDEM and discussed testing for WW, and what we can/should test


  • (Neil had to leave early)

Open Floor

  • N/A

Action Items

  • N/A