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SIG/HPC meeting 2023-05-04


* Neil Hanlon
* Matt Bidwell
* Stack
* Sherif
* Nick Eggleston
* Gregory Kurtzer
* Forrest Burt

Package lists

* Slurm - Epel
* Apptainer - Epel
* Lustre - , no server for el9 
* Warewulf - HPCNG github only el8
* Easybuild 
* OpenHPC
* Spack
* openmpi *with slurm support*
* glusterfs-server gluster-selinux
* NIS, ypserv , ypbind, yptools nss_nis
* fail2ban
* Lmod
* conda
* sstack


Greg: suggesting to have our own slurm, apptainer, singulatory, Warewulf

Greg: We can reach to DDN about anything related to Luster

Sherif: Suggesting to start building packages

Nick: To build the community we need to start looking into documentation and forums

Stack: we need to be careful and have strong justification for rebuilding stuff that exists in Epel

Greg: asked how HPC centre prefer to manage / or already managing their slurm setup

Few members mentioned one of the following two methods: * Keep upgrading on minor version of slurm * Keep upgrading on minor version of slurm then a major upgrade in a scheduled maintains window

Greg and Nick: adding major-minor version in package name something like python2/3

Sherif: Asking about Testing methodology with testing team

Stack: They hope at some point they are able to test all sigs and working on getting OpenQA build for this

Action items:

* Start building slurm
* Start building apptainer
* Start building singulartiry
* Start building warewulf
* Greg reach out for OpenHPC - done
* Sherif: check about fourms

Old business:

* List of applications “Thread on MM to post pkgs” - We have an idea now of which packages we need to build -
* Building blocks which are each pkg as a building block such as lustre, openHPC, slurm, etc… - We have an idea of what we need to do -
* Reach out to other communities “Greg” - on going -
* Reaching out for different sites that uses Rocky for HPC “Stack will ping few of them and others as well -Group effort-”
* Reaching out to hardware vendors - nothing done yet - 
* Statistic / public registry for sites / HPC to add themselves if they want - nothing done yet -
* Meeting will be bi-weekly “Tantive Thursday 9:00PM UTC” - Agreed -
* Documentations - Wiki is in place but still need some work -