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SIG/HPC meeting 2023-05-18


* Stack
* Forrest Burt
* Nick Eggleston
* David H
* Jeremy Siadal
* Al Bowles
* Chris Simmons
* Sherif


Chris: Are we willing to support all openHPC stack or just the modules and how we imagine achieving this?

Jeremy: Clear a bit of distro related stuff from openHPC would be great such as automake / autoconf

Stack: We need to have a base line so people can start use rocky on HPC and make Rocky accessible

Chris: A Demo / technical talk in 4 weeks

Chris: Are we going to focus on 8 and 9?

Stack and Chris, would be great if we can focus on 9

Sherif: I hope we can do both but with 9 in the spotlight "this needs to be a SIG decision"

Stack: Question, if we start moving openHPC within HPC sig are they going support more distros, we don't want to break packages for other EL distros

Chris: so far testing on Rocky as the only supported EL distro

Action items:

* Get a demo / technical talk after 4 weeks "Sherif can arrange that with Chris"
* Getting a list of packages that openHPC would like to move to distros "Jeremy will be point of contact if we need those in couple of weeks"

Old business:


* Start building slurm - On going , a bit slowing down with R9.2 and R8.8 releases, however packages are built, some minor configurations needs to be fixed -
* Start building apptainer - on hold -
* Start building singulartiry - on hold -
* Start building warewulf - on hold -
* Sherif: check about forums - done, we can have our own section if we want, can be discussed over the chat -


* Reach out to other communities “Greg” - on going -
* Reaching out for different sites that uses Rocky for HPC “Stack will ping few of them and others as well -Group effort-”
* Reaching out to hardware vendors - nothing done yet -
* Statistic / public registry for sites / HPC to add themselves if they want - nothing done yet -